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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


Diagnostic Assessment

The first step of treatment is confirming criteria are met for TMS.  This consists of a 60-90 minute initial evaluation with one of our psychiatric nurse practitioners.  If criteria is met, your insurance will likely require a prior authorization and can take days or weeks to get approved depending on insurance.

Determining Motor Threshold & First TMS Treatment

Before starting TMS treatment, the motor threshold and treatment dose must be determined.  This typically takes between 20-40 minutes and is followed by your first TMS treatment. This visit typically lasts 60 minutes.

TMS Treatment Course

You will receive 20 minute treatments, 5 days per week for 4-6 weeks or what your insurance allows.

Redetermining Motor Threshold

It may be necessary to redetermine your motor threshold in your treatment course and your visit may be 30 minutes versus the typical 20 minutes.

Refresher Treatments

If you are feeling your depressive symptoms return after your treatment course is complete, it's often useful to receive refresher TMS treatments. A new authorization for additional treatments can be requested from your insurance company.

Medication Management

Even though TMS NW's practitioners do not manage client's medications long term, we can often make medication adjustments as necessary while a client is looking to receive TMS treatment or is engaged in treatment.  Once TMS treatment is complete, clients will return back to their prescribing provider for ongoing medication management.